Introduction to Yoga

Basic information about yoga you should know

Yoga is Therapeutic

Yoga has been practiced for generations as a form of therapy for body, mind and spirit. It is a life enhancing and wellness-promoting form of exercise that not only tones the body, but also relieves the mind and spirit of the pressures of daily life. Many people practice yoga for the physical benefits, but over time notice the effect of yoga penetrates all areas of their life.

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An Ancient Philosophy

A wealth of information and knowledge is available in books, from teachers, and on the web for anyone seeking to find out more about this deep subject. This brief overview is intended only as a general introduction.

Historically, four primary yogic texts are of significance to the study of yoga philosophy. Many, many books have followed...

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Chakra Theory

The chakra points in the body are often used in yoga to bring awareness to a certain aspect of your self. Chakras are wheels of energy that connect the energetic subtle body, and although they cannot be seen, they can sometimes be experienced during practice. They are commonly considered to be psychosomatic energy centers in the body. Presented here is a summary of these points in the body and their common characteristics.

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