Unity Teas

Take a break. Unwind. It’s tea time.

Simply. Pure. Herbs.

We proudly create caffeine free, essence free, Unity Herbal Tea blends with regionally sourced herbs. Unlike most store brands, our teas contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and are a refreshing and hydrating alternative to caffeinated drinks.

Locally made in Vancouver, in small batches and custom blended to ensure freshness, our teas glow with full aroma and vital colour, and contain Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible.

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No artificial colours, flavours, or additives in our tea blends.

Life is like a cup of tea. It’s how you make it.

We believe that tea is is made for creating connections. Unity Yoga Teahouse has a variety of teas you can enjoy day and night. A flavourful selection of blended herbs invite you to sit down, take your time and unwind. Our proprietary herbal teas are blended on premises, with love.

Each of our teas offer unique flavour and ingredients, many of which have healing properties. Enjoy a warm drink that supports your health and well-being! When using good quality Unity herbal blends, one teaspoon per cup is the perfect recipe.

Tips for that healing cup...

  • Brew your tea with boiling, fresh water.
  • Brew your herbs for at least 7-10 minutes. This is much longer than fermented green and black teas, and is necessary to infuse all of the goodness from the herbs.
  • Some of our teas (like Chai Spice) work well in a decoction (boiled) to add extra strength.
  • Do not add milk to herbal or green teas. A small amount of almond or coconut milk is fine.
  • If you desire sweeter tea, honey or stevia are a fine choice.