Yoga is Therapeutic

Part one of our Introduction to Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for generations as a form of therapy for body, mind and spirit. It is a life enhancing and wellness-promoting form of exercise that not only tones the body, but also relieves the mind and spirit of the pressures of daily life. Many people practice yoga for the physical benefits, but over time notice the effect of yoga penetrates all areas of their life.

The term “yoga” translates from the Sanskrit word “yuj” meaning to join, connect, or unify. As a bridle reins in horses in a carriage, yoga is a tool for the mind to cultivate control and purposeful action in the body.

Fluid steady and calm breath, sometimes referred to as prana or life energy, anchors and enhances this union. Energy flows through the body with complete fluidity and ease when the body and mind are working as one.

The practice of yoga has been used over thousands of years to help people reach their highest potential. A constant evolution of ideas and adaptations have enhanced yoga over time to serve people of all walks of life and in hundreds of countries around the world. The rapid expansion of yoga is attributed to its many observable benefits.

The Many Benefits of Yoga...

  • Exercises all parts of the body and strengthens weak parts of the body without vigorous athletic training
  • Develops the body and its limbs to their normal proportions to create a natural body weight
  • Improves physical endurance and resistance to disease (immune function) to accelerate recovery from disease
  • Gives conscious control over most of the autonomic functions of the body
  • Reduces fatigue and tension (physical, mental and emotional)
  • Helps stiff muscles regain elasticity and flexibility
  • Trains involuntary muscles to be controlled
  • Corrects improper breathing habits
  • Keeps bowel movements regular
  • Regulates cardiac activity
  • Increases concentration, controls emotions and improves sleep
  • Improves body image, self awareness and self worth
  • Is a fun way to unwind

...and these are just a few!